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2Shakes New Features and Updates.

Dec 2020 – Biometric Identity Verification

  • Our premium identity verification product.  Uses the clients smart mobile phone to take a photo of their ID, and a video of their face.  On top of electronic identity verification (passport, drivers license, address verification PEP) you can also verify that the person is alive, and that their face matches their identity document photo. See Biometric Identity page.  

May 2020 – Improved Agreement Renewals

  • We have removed the charges to renew electronic client Agreements, and improved the process too. See our renewals page for more information.

April 2020 – Personalised Email Addressing 

  • Emails sent to your clients from 2Shakes will have a much more personal touch, while still obeying internet rules for email addressing.

March 2020 – Improved Search

  • We’ve improved our search filters on the Dashboard and OCDD report pages. Your filter preferences will now hold for the duration of your browser session.

February 2020 – PEP Checks for Manual IDVs

  • Users can now carry out an electronic Politically Exposed Person (PEP) check for any person that has been manually ID verified. Find out more on PEP Checks

January 2020 – Ongoing CDD Now in Live, plus Improved AML Statistics

  • OCCD features are now available to users in the Live environment. The AML statistics report now only includes clients with the status of CDD Complete, users can also choose to include Archived clients in their statistics.

December 2019 – Ongoing CDD in Training

  • The first batch of our Ongoing Customer Due Diligence (OCDD) updates has been deployed to the 2Shakes Training environment. 

November 2019 – Delete Function & Improved Search and Notifications

  • Deleting client records is easy.  You’ll see we’ve added a new checkbox in the Dashboard – Allow Delete.
  • Users can now search for individuals from the Dashboard, receive email notifications when clients remotely sign or complete eIDV. Users can also view their Centrix/DIA application status from the My Account page.

July 2019 – AML Statistics Report & Archive

  • As part of our commitment to continuous improvement, we have refined the AML Statistics feature so the report is now clearer in regards to what is being counted. 
  • Users can now archive agreements to to keep their Dashboard view neat and tidy. Archiving a client record is easy using the new Archive icon in your Dashboard.

June 2019 – AML Annual Report

  • 2Shakes updates our AML statistics reports to help reporting entities complete the information on their annual report to DIA.  

April 2019 – IR Changes to 2Shakes

  • 2Shakes has changed to reflect recent updates made by Inland Revenue. 

March 2019 – 2Shakes gets a Facelift

  • The way 2Shakes looks will change with clearer lines and a new palette of colours. Changes you will notice are: 

    • Top navigation bar: From grey to red.  
    • Sections: From dark grey to black.
    • Buttons: Proceed is red, Back is black and other buttons are blue.

    Your Logo – for Your Client 
    People like entering information online because it is quick & easy. They also want to know its going to the right place. The new look includes showing your company logo on your client’s screen when entering their information online.

January 2019 – AML Only

  • 2Shakes lets you create Agreements, get Authority, and carry out AML Customer Due Diligence (CDD).  We have now included the option to just do AML Only (i.e. Customer Die Diligence).  AML Only in 2Shakes lets any business carry out CDD – Bookkeepers, Accountants, Real Estate Agents, Lawyers, Financial Advisers, or any other business that needs to conduct CDD.  

    2Shakes now has a new dashboard, new Start menu for navigation and of course a new, simpler AML flow.