Customise your 2Shakes profile by including your Business Details, Branding images and Social Media, Services and Fees, Authorities, terms and conditions and the account users.

Note: Only Account Administrators can update your profile on 2Shakes.

Step-by-step Instructions

Log on to 2Shakes and click on the Profile link in the top navigation bar.

  1. Your Business Enter your business details.  Save your details then move to the next tab.
  2. Branding You can upload your logo, email footer image and any handles for social media you use.  You can also edit the Congratulations email your clients receive with a copy of their signed Agreement. And you can add any standard attachments you send too.
  3. Services & Fees Services selected here will show as a checklist during the sign up process.  You can select from our default list, or add your own services.  Enter your standard ‘default’ Fee text here.  Both the services and fees can changed when signing up a client.
  4. Authorities Enter information here so that 2Shakes can set up authorities for you.
  5. Terms & Conditions These are your standard conditions to use with your clients.
  6. Users You can ask for log-ons for your staff by entering their details here.
    Review Use this screen to check the details you have entered.

Video on how to set up your profile

Watch the 10 minute video below to see how easy it is to set up a profile in 2Shakes

Admin Users

Users with administration rights can change the profile setting to customise how 2Shakes works.  If you are an admin user you can now set any other users to also have admin rights.

Go to Profile ➜ Users, and you now have the option to make any user an Admin:

Admin users have full access to change the Business Profile, and change other users’ Admin status.

AML Officer

Only users who are nominated AML Officers can mark Customer Due Diligence as complete. Once they are satisfied that all CDD and AML tasks are completed they can use the Complete CDD button to change the status to Complete


My logo appears to be too big.  How do I fix that?

You upload both the logo file and email footer file on the Branding page in the Business Profile.  The maximum file size is 1MB. When you find that the logo or email footer image you uploaded looks too big (or too small) you will need to resize it. You need to change the size of your image file using graphics software. Resave it, and upload the changed imaged.

Once you have changed the image file you can go to the Review page in the Business Profile.  Scroll down towards the bottom and you can see an example of how your email will look or use the Preview Agreement to see how your logo appears.

How do I deal with the different types of terms and conditions that I currently use?

Often the terms of trade differ depending on the type of customers you are working for, or the type of work you will be doing.  One approach is to create different sets of terms and conditions for every different situation.  A better recommended approach is to use the same set of terms of conditions for all your clients, with clauses that only apply when they are relevant.  This is more efficient and because it minimizes the chance for human error, missing changes, and typos is normally more professional too. Once your clients are on consistent T&Cs it is also easier to manage and update your T&Cs going forward.