With way more features, and way less costs. Come find out why 2Shakes is the number one onboarding and AML platform for NZ bookkeepers, tax agents and accountants.

The NZ Accounting sector are a savvy and frugal bunch – they like to get their money’s worth. They trust 2Shakes and you can too.

Three steps to AML Compliance for Real Estate Agents

2Shakes works with a lot of Real Estate Agents. The current real estate sales boom is creating an increasing workload in terms of Anti Money Laundering and other Customer Due Diligence compliance.

Our Real Estate Agent customers tell us just how much 2Shakes has changed their lives – it is so quick and easy they are spending more time selling and less time complying. If you’re a real estate agent, you might be surprised at just how easy it is.

How 2Shakes – works for Real Estate Agents

1. Vendor signs up

Success – the vendor agrees. They want you to sell their property.

Enter your vendor’s details into 2Shakes. You can either get started with Customer Due Diligence (CDD) then and there, or just capture enough details so you can do CDD later, or pass it to someone else to do.

2. Identity checks and Customer Due Diligence (CDD)

2Shakes helps to identify all people related to the property. 2Shakes has tools to help with information about businesses and trusts that may own the property. You can choose to use 2Shakes clever software automations to do the identity checks and customer due diligence yourself, or hand over to one of the 2Shakes team to do it for you.

AML compliance

Because your AML records and documents are in 2Shakes its easy for your AML compliance officer to check them. It means you are ready for DIA reviews or audits. The 2Shakes AML statistics report means the information you need for your annual report or Ongoing CDD is at your fingertips. The 2Shakes team can help you comply with audit requirements too.

Get started with 2Shakes

No excuse not to get started. It’s free to sign up for a 2Shakes account. You can use it 10 times for free. We have resources, videos, webinars and a training environment you can use as well! It you want more support we offer a set up and training service. Or contact us for a demo to find out more. If you’re a REINZ member, then we have worked with the Institute to create a special offer, follow this link REINZ special offer to access it.

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