Setup & Training Service

2Shakes offers a dedicated set up and training service. We can get you rapidly set up optimally for your unique business. 

While 2Shakes set up is straight forward and while we do offer lots of support articles and videos – we get it.  Sometimes you just want an expert to come help you get started.    

Many people love to get us to provide a dedicated setup and training service. We can help to customised 2Shakes to your unique business processes. 2Shakes can get you going quickly and set 2Shakes up optimally for how your business operates. We can give you advice on your options and get your staff trained in what they need to know. 

How Setup & Training works

We can help to:

  • setup 2Shakes for your business, with your branding, services, fees, Ts&Cs, the Authorities you need, etc.
  • train you and your staff to use the 2Shakes platform for onboarding and AML CDD
  • help you understand and optimise your onboarding processes
  • explain AML best practice, as well as the gotchas and difficult areas of AML CDD, such as EDD, Trusts, ID Verification, PEP checks, etc.
Training can be delivered online via video call or in person, depending on what works best for you.  That way, you get up and running faster, and you can be sure you are using 2Shakes to the max!
We provide free online training videos and a free online training environment, so you can get started using 2Shakes quickly and easily.

FREE Training Videos & Webinars

Watch video to find out about AML and Customer Due Diligence (CDD).

FREE AML Due Diligence Training

Learn how to do AML Customer Due Diligence (CDD) in our FREE Training environment.

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