What will some of NZ’s key decisions makers see on Demo Day?

…..it could be your logo!

Pitching & logos – prep for Demo Day

We are getting our pitch and presentation ready for Demo Day on 2nd June.

We want to show the logos of our partners, supporters and early adopters to the Dem Day audience.  Demo Day presents to hundreds of key decision makers from government, private organisations and investors.

We already have approval to show the logos of many large government agencies and private organisations.  We want to showcase our early adopter bookkeepers too. If you are interested in being involved as a early adopter, please sign up online, email me, or phone to chat.

Min Wagner
Above: Ata and Mike from 2Shakes with Minister Wagner

We have been practicing our pitch.  This week we presented to:

  • ACC’s CIO and other Senior Managers. They were very interested in our solution and could easily see its benefits.
  • Minister Nicky Wagner visited the R9 Accelerator.  Minister Wagner is the Minister of Customs, Minister for Disability Issues, Associate Minister supporting Greater Christchurch Regeneration, and Associate Minister of Conservation. She could instantly see the longer term benefits of our solution for helping setting up authorities to support disabled people.
  • Next week we are pitching to Ministers Bill English and Minister Steven Joyce – phew it’s all happening!

We had another meet and greet on Wednesday.  Again it was another full house!

Above: Representatives from Citibank, DIA, IR, MSD, Callahan Innovation, 3Months, LGNZ, NZQA, MPI and kiwibank.

ACC, IR and Banks – preparing for piloting

We continue to make good headway with the organisations that bookkeepers work with.
We had a great meeting with customer service and business operations at ACC.  We discussed how we would pilot of our solution.

We also meet with managers from IR. Its great to see how keen IR are to look after bookkeepers within their transformation program. Setting up authority for bookkeepers at IR often means being set up as nominated party, which is a slower process.
2Shakes wants to work with IR to make the authority set up process easy, efficient, safe and secure for bookkeepers, their clients and for IR.

We have also had some very constructive discussions with banking organisations this week. Banks will be one of the toughest authorities to automate. However we also know that a system that is robust enough for banks, will ‘set the bar’ in terms of privacy and security for all organisations using the 2Shakes solution.

Team 2Shakes Grows for Proto-typing

We are delighted to announce that Oliver Seiler has joined our team. Oliver is an awesome and well-respected Solution Architect and Senior Developer. Within government, many will know Oliver from his work championing the opening up of Government APIs.

Systems connection makes the sign up and authority process fast, accurate and safe. When systems talk to each other there is no need to re-key in information, no typos, everything just flows and it’s better for everyone!

Meanwhile Richard has made great progress building the screens of our solution. We are aiming to have a great prototype to show you all on Demo Day.

Ethereum Blockchain

We are now actively exploring Ethereum Blockchain. This Friday 2Shakes is going to the Ethereum NZ conference.

This conference, which started out small has grown into an international event, reflects the explosion of interested in using this new technology. We see the potential of using the Ethereum Blockchain to create a secure and resilient record of the authority agreements between bookkeepers, their clients and receiving organisations.