Connecting with organisations…..

R9 Accelerator Week 2 for 2shakes has been a focus on government agencies, with excellent engagement from:

  • Ministry of Primary Industries (MPI),
  • Ministry for the Environment (MfE),
  • Department of Conservation (DoC),
  • Local Government NZ (LGNZ).  
  • Also a big thanks to the team at MBIE.

We are continuing to talk to the farmers from Federated Farmers, and Horticulture NZ are doing fantastic things for growers.  

2shakes visits HortNZ

2shakes visits Horitculture New Zealand

We’ve also started to engage with the commercial sector and have had initial conversations with Fonterra.  If anyone has contacts with other organisations that buy produce from farmers please let us know.

Getting Lean with the R9 Accelerator Programme

Creative HQ continues to expand our horizons with some inspirational speakers.  We also learned about online tools to maximise our productivity like Slack (to stay connected), Grammarly (to check our typos), Rapportive (to see linkedin profiles from your email), HubSpot (for managing your contacts), and Boomerang (to bounce your emails back later).

We created our first distilled views of our learnings in the form of personae, customer journey and an early adopter agreement. We also had our first meet and greet session on Tuesday night, and pitched our ideas to a varied audience.  It was great to meet Scott Champion, the CEO of Beef and Lamb who we are very happy to report has agreed to be our mentor. We have also been lucky to secure a UX designer Nicole Crosby, and Caroline Dodds (one of the co-founders of Flick) who comes with experience in innovative start-ups, to join our 2Shakes team.   

Family Night at Creative HQ

Thursday was Family Night at Creative HQ

How you can help….

This coming week we will be focusing on Regional Councils and the commercial sector.  We would appreciate it if you could suggest any contacts you have with:

  • Regional Councils (especially people involved in farm plans or audits for farmers)
  • Organisations that buy produce from farmers (e.g. dairy, meatworks, supermarket buyers, etc).
  • We also want to keep talking with farmers (any kind, anywhere in NZ) – thanks for the contacts so far, and please keep them coming in.

Quotes of the week…

“…do I care about the environment, well put it like this.  I have been farming here my whole life and I want to leave this land in a better state than when I came to it….” …From Farmer in the Waikato

“….you need to look at the value regulation can add, rather than just the behavior it will prevent….”  From Manager at HortNZ

All the best,

Team 2shakes