An Environmental Compliance Accreditation scheme would help Dairy Farms…

…thanks Dairy NZ for making environmental compliance easier!

Let us explain

For the past three weeks we have been talking with farmers, narrowing down the pain they are experiencing – especially for dairy farmers in environmental compliance.  We then engaged with central and local government agencies, organisations funded by farm levies, and private companies, and came up with a possible solution. By doing this we found that our idea for a solution has recently been released by Dairy NZ, in their Warrant of Fitness scheme. Great news for the industry, and for NZ, so well done Dairy NZ.

Thank you for your help

We would like to thank every one of the people and organisations that helped us get to where we did on the “first run”. Hort NZ, MPI, MfE, MBIE, DoC, GCIO, Fed. Farmers, Fonterra, Wellington Regional Council.  We really could not have got close to where we did without you, so a heartfelt thanks to all of you.  It may not be a result we can progress, but such is life in a lean startup. We built our hypotheses, tested them, and learned lots. When people talk about “failing fast” this is what it looks like. Three weeks, no large planning exercise wasted, no costly business case. And we still have plenty of time left in the R9 Accelerator to have another run at it.

What does that mean for 2shakes?

Well, our brief was to find a way to make business interactions with government easier by tailoring interactions to suit. That’s a really broad scope, and we are already looking at several other areas we may be able to improve things for business and government.
So now we pivot, start with a new hypothesis to test and learn from, then iterate until we find a problem and a develop a solution to fix it.  We are going back to some of the fantastic business customer insights and research from the R9 Better for Business Program and work up some ideas to start to test with the market.

Quote of the week

“I’ll tell him, but he’s already got one”  

Quote of the week goes to Monty Python. Why? Because we searched. We found business pain. We came up with a solution. We found it had already been done. In Python-speak, the search for the grail continues. In startup-speak, we pivot!

Watch this space! Next week will be very interesting….

 R9 Watermelon