…it’s better for everyone!

We’ve just completed week 4 on the R9 Accelerator.  Team 2Shakes is pivoting.  We are going to make it better for bookkeepers!

Bookkeepers help hundreds of thousands of small businesses in New Zealand. They look after businesses day to day financial and compliance needs. Letting businesses focus on doing what they do best.

Making it better for bookkeepers will make it better for the businesses they support.  We can then move onto helping other professionals like accountants and lawyers. And ultimately help all businesses interact more easily with government and the other organisations they deal with!

Our Direction

When a bookkeeper needs to do a similar thing at different organisations effort is duplicated.  Each organisation has its own processes and rules.  And it isn’t just duplicated work – it is a different process and information each time!

We will start by reducing the number of forms that bookkeepers complete.  We will combine multiple forms in one, then act as a ‘digital concierge’.  Our solution will save businesses time, effort and stress.

This will help join up government and private services.  In a way that fits with what businesses need to achieve.  It’s a new way for government to deliver services.  Not only targeted to a specific group of users, but providing a tailored experience.

Team 2Shakes wants to do a digital rollup of the processes across government and private sector organisations.  We will integrate the complex into a simple and easy offering.

The Research Agrees

In keeping with our Lean Startup approach, we will work with bookkeepers and agencies to co-create. We will create something that ‘perfectly’ meets bookkeepers’ needs now.  This will be future proofed to take advantage of government advances in digital interaction later.

We want to co-create because it works – and research agrees with our approach.

Research just out of Victoria University gets our Quote of the Week: “Government agencies need to design their (online) channel strategy and relationships more with the business customer in mind and, preferably, in close collaboration with the business community.”  See here for more.

We welcome the collaboration.  We will work across the public agencies and private organisations bookkeepers deal with.


Our Asks

If you are a bookkeeper, or know one, please let us know. We want to talk to bookkeepers now about how we can start making things better for them.