Over the last week team 2shakes has been talking to bookkeepers around NZ to understand how they interact with government.  It’s been a busy week, and very rewarding – all together we spoke with 24 bookkeepers.

Bookkeepers are wonderful!

Every single bookkeeper we rang was lovely!  They were all willing to spare us time out of their busy days.  What a wonderful bunch of hard working professionals!  Thank you so much for your time, patience and understanding!  Stay tuned as we report back what we have learnt.


Banks, Utilities and Phone Companies

Last week we also contacted banks, insurance, power and phone companies.  We investigated their different processes.  We wanted to find out how a bookkeeper gets set up to query or operate an account on behalf of their clients.  There is a lot of variability in this space – as one bookkeeper we spoke to put it…“…all the terms and conditions are different, you would be on a mission to get that sorted….”
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So it is now fair to say that we have definitely started that mission!

What would it look like?  Prototyping begins

This week we have started working on what our solution could look like and how it could work.
  • How would it work?  How would a bookkeeper use it?  How would clients use it?
  • What information must it capture and what wording must it contain?
  • Where would it be stored and what do you need to do when things change?
We welcome your help, advice and opinions on this – if you think you can help, drop us a note.

Quotes of the week – The Importance of Bookkeepers

“There is the gap, between what an accountant will do… and what a client can do for themselves.  Bookkeepers fill that gap.”
 “Bookkeeper are really trusted…(and are) there all through the year, in regular contact, supporting our clients.”
“Bookkeepers ensure a better quality of information to government.  Because it is being checked by someone who knows what they are looking at…Because you don’t know what you don’t know.”

On the Agency Front

There are many government agencies interested in making life easier for small businesses. By helping bookkeepers, we will also make it easier for all the clients they work on behalf of. We also make it easier for the agencies themselves.  Altogether there is a great deal of potential benefit in our solution.

We have started discussing our ideas with some agencies. If you would like us to talk with you, please let us know and we’ll be very happy to do so.