It is week 7 for team 2Shakes on the R9 Accelerator.  We have crossed the half way point!  There are 5 more weeks before our team pitches its ideas on demo day.  At demo day we pitch to private and public investors to ask for support to help continue our work.  Have a look at some of the pitches from last years demo day.

2Shakes “elevator pitch”

Here is our pitch.

Business owners and sole traders are busy people.  They need to focus on building their businesses. Many hire other experts and businesses to help them.  People like bookkeepers, accountants, advisers and lawyers.

A bookkeeper, for example, needs to deal with different large organisations for their clients.   For example IR, ACC, insurance companies or banks. But those large organisations need to protect access to their client’s information. They need to be sure that the bookkeeper has been authorised by the client.

Setting up authorities takes time for the bookkeeper to request.  It takes time for their client to authorise.  It takes time for the large organisations to confirm and capture. This time adds no value – it is administrative setup.

2Shakes want to automate the authority set up.  We want to convert the current paper authority form bookkeepers used into a digital form. This will quickly, securely and safely set up authorities.  It means that bookkeepers can get to work representing their clients.  It means bookkeepers can easily get all the information they need.  It means bookkeepers time is spent providing better services and more informed advice to their customers. It gives everyone involved a safer, faster process.

For our pitch to be successful we need to show that bookkeepers want this problem solved.  We need bookkeepers who agree to be our early adopters!

Become an Early Adopter

Early adopters are our Beta Customers.  We are looking for early adopters who will work with us to help build the perfect solution for bookkeepers. If you are a bookkeeper who:

  • wants a better, faster and more secure way to get set up to act for your client?
  • finds it frustrating having to nag and nag your customers, just to get them to sign an authority forms or set you up online?
  • hates having to use a client’s log on details, but can’t justify the time involved to set up your own?
  • are able and willing to provide input, answer questionnaires, and give us honest feedback

If the answer is yes – then we want to work with you!

Email us to find out how you can be one of our early adopters.  Our sign up form will make it fast and easy for you to sign up clients and get to work.  As an early adopters you will get access to our service first.  And because you tell us what is important, you get to shape how it will work!

Website update

This week we also started working on updating our website.  What the space!