It’s week 9 of 12 on the R9 Accelerator for team 2Shakes….

Demo Day is coming!

Time is just flying by, with only three more weeks until we pitch on demo day in the first week of June.

Demo day is held in the Embassy picture theatre in Courtney Place in Wellington.  Are you keen to come?

We have limited seats for 2Shakes supporters. Contact me at to find out


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We did our first proper practice pitch this week, to go with our first draft set of slides.  It really challenged us

to get our pitch done this early before demo day.  But it was rewarding to finally pull together 8 weeks of

thinking and work.  If you can’t make it to demo day to see our pitch, don’t fear. We will put a video of our

pitch online afterwards.

Engaging with organisations

This week we had a great meeting with the NZ Bookkeepers Association.  We are really keen to work with

the NZBAI to ensure the work we do can benefit as many bookkeepers as possible.

We have also started working with Companies’ Office.  We want to integrate our 2Shakes solution with the

Companies Office systems.  We want to leverage the NZBN as a key enabler to join up government and

private organisations to work for businesses.  To that end we have also started discussing how we will fit in

with ACC, which is great.


This week we also got the low down on data security and privacy from the lawyers at Chapman Tripp.  It

was great advice from experts, on an area we consider fundamental to our solution. We will make sure it is

rock solid for trust and confidence.

Prototyping begins

We are delighted to announce a new team member – Richard Garcia. Richard is a developer, and has

started building the 2Shakes prototype.  This will demonstrate what an online sign up and authority form

looks like, and what it can do.  This is a starting point to discuss with our early adopters, so we can create

the perfect solution for bookkeepers.


2Shakes is exploring Block Chain.  Block chain is technology that guarantees non-repudial, unalterable

agreements.  In short – we can show an audit trail of what was agreed. Many thanks to Mark Pascall at

3months for his advice around both Ethereum and Blockchain.

Early Adopters

Are you a bookkeeper?  We need you! While we have had great success signing up Early Adopters to help

inform and shape our solution, we still need more!  Please contact us if you are interested in becoming part

of this exiting community. And don’t forget you can sign up online – just go to

The more early adopters we have, the better our solution will be for bookkeepers.

The more early adopters we have, the better case we can make for investment to build that solution.

Either email me, or check out our website to find out more.