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2Shakes Easter Update LawFest
LawFest – Key Takeaways

LawFest 2021 New Zealand’s premier legal innovation and technology event 2Shakes were at LawFest 2021, were you there? If you didn’t make it, here are our key takeaways. Takeaway 1 You will get a high return on innovation in two areas Mary O’Carroll (Director of Legal Operations at Google) recommended legal professionals focus on these two key

Monthly Update
Easter Update

Easter 2021 Update How was your month?  Over the last year we’ve seen big swings up and down for the sectors our customers operate in.  Last month we saw more activity across the board, which hopefully bodes well for the wider economic recovery from covid. As well as supporting all that awesome activity, we’ve had

Digital, Biometric Onboarding & AML for the Accounting sector

Accountants and Tax Agents – Go Digital The worlds just a bit different now.. Once clients would be happy to come in to visit Accountants and Tax Agents in person.  Now many want the option to engage remotely. Professional services and Tax Agents are seeing an increase in demand to do business digitally. COVID –

Monthly Update

February 2021 Update We’ve hit the ground running with a busy first few months of 2021! Here’s an update on what we’ve been up in February to and what is coming up for 2Shakes. 2Shakes Website Upgrade The 2Shakes website has recently had an upgrade, and its looking better then ever! The team has worked

Lawyers uses 2Shakes for its high security and privacy, AML, Biometric, PEP checks, audits, annual reporting
Lawyers Go Digital – Digital Biometric AML & Onboarding

Lawyers – Go Digital The worlds just a bit different now.. Where once clients would be happy to come in to visit lawyers in person, many now want the option to engage remotely. Professional services and law firms are seeing an increase in demand to do business digitally. COVID – a Catalyst to Adapt & Change

NZ Privacy Act Updates
Privacy Updates

New Zealand’s current Privacy Law is 27 years old.  Its due for a refresh and will change from 1 December this year.  Find out about some the changes that are coming in, what 2Shakes is doing and what you should be aware of. Key changes You can find resources on the Privacy Commissioners website about the changes

Your BioID Christmas Present
Your BioID Christmas Present

2Shakes Christmas 2020 Update 2020 has been a challenging year across the world. We want to thank everyone for their continued support which we really appreciate. It’s only 2 weeks to Christmas (!) so we want to send out a bit of Christmas cheer to everyone with a special ‘Biometric ID’ Christmas present just for

Three steps to AML CDD Compliance for Real Estate Agents

With way more features, and way less costs. Come find out why 2Shakes is the number one onboarding and AML platform for NZ bookkeepers, tax agents and accountants. The NZ Accounting sector are a savvy and frugal bunch – they like to get their money’s worth. They trust 2Shakes and you can too. Three steps

What’s the problem with PEPs?

NZ law states that AML reporting entities must do PEP checks, but many practices aren’t doing them.  This is a concern, because they need to be done.  Only doing PEP checks if someone is a foreign individual is not sufficient. If you have got caught out without PEP checks – the good news is they can be

Key Learnings, Free Webinar And More

Hi there, If you are an AML Phase 2 reporting entity, we know these are busy times.  In the second year of AML, you will soon be submitting your second Annual Report to DIA, and completing your first two-yearly AML Audit – if you haven’t already been audited.  Read on for some tips and advice to help you