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When you log on to 2Shakes you will go to the Dashboard where you will see a table of all the Clients you have put into 2Shakes.

  • Search Lets you search on some of the text in the client’s name
  • Sort the table by selecting the SortGif button in the header of the table.
  • Filter your search using the From and To Date to restrict your search to a specific date range. Use the tick boxes to select which status types you wish to include in your search.
  • Selecting Client name will take you back to where you left off with that client.

Client Statuses

    • If the Client’s status is Draft , clicking on the client name will take you back to either the Add Signatories  or People for Identity Verification screen.
    • AML in Progress – awaiting ID verification to be completed.
    • Signing in Progress – agreement has been sent for signing, you will be able to view who has or has not signed.
    • AML Pending – awaiting beneficial owner checks and/or setting Due Diligence to Complete
    • Signed – AML Pending – awaiting beneficial owner checks and/or setting Due Diligence to Complete and forms to be processed.
    • If the client’s status is Complete, the agreement has been signed and/or Customer Due Diligence has been marked as complete.

Tips & Tricks

The Dashboard screen allows you to filter, search and drill down into your clients:

Duplicates: If you renew or change a client there can be multiple entries.  Filter and sort to see which is the most up to date Version

Outstanding: Use the Status to identify what needs further action.

Renewals: You can sort and filter your clients to identify which need to be renewed.

Client Management: By clicking on a client name you go to their Management page, where you can see more information and carry out additional client actions.

Deleting Clients: You can delete any client in the Dashboard with a Draft status. Just click the bin icon next to Draft.  To delete clients with a status of In Progress, click Revert to Draft from the client Management page, then you can delete the draft. Careful: Reverting to draft loses all progress beyond the Draft stage.


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