Log on to 2Shakes and click on the Agreement link in the top navigation bar. You will see a table of all the agreements you have created.

  • Search Lets you search on some of the text in the clients name
  • Sort the table by selecting the SortGif button in the header of the table.
  • Filter your search using the From and To Date to restrict your search to a specific date range. Use the tick boxes to select which status types you wish to include in your search.
  • Select Client name will take you go back to where you left of with the agreement
    • If the agreement is in Draft Status clicking on the client name will takes you back to the Add Signatories screen
    • If the agreement is Signing in Process Status it takes you to the Review and Sign screen
    • If the agreement is in Complete Status it takes you to the Agreement Details screen to see authority forms and other details on the agreement.

Agreement Tips & Tricks

The Agreement screen allows you to filter, search and drill down into your agreements:

Duplicates: If you renew or change an agreement there can be multiple agreements.  Filter and sort agreements to see which is the most up to date Version

Outstanding: Use the Status of an Agreement to identify what needs further action.

Renewals: You can sort and filter your agreements to identity which are ready to be Renewed.

Agreement Details: By clicking on a client name you can drill further into an agreement.  This can show you more details on the agreement and allow you to upload it to Xero Practice Manager or download the details to a CSV.

Agreements Screen

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