What is AML Only?

Clients do not always want to create Agreements, get Authority, and carry out Customer Due Diligence (CDD). AML Only in 2Shakes lets any business carry out CDD- Bookkeepers, Real Estate Agents, Lawyers, Financial Advisers, or any other business that needs to conduct CDD.

How to begin

Start Menu

From the top navigation, select Start > AML Only to start the AML Customer Due Diligence process. 

When you choose AML Only, you can:

  • Use NZBN to search for your client’s details, or enter clients manually.
  • Enter the person you are dealing with, called the Main Contact.
  • Choose if the Main Contact is becoming an individual customer themselves, or only acting on behalf of the customer.
  • Once you’ve completed the first page (AML Customer List), you go straight to the AML Customer Due Diligence page.
  • Complete the AML CDD screen to show Beneficial Owners, plus record AML CDD information on your client.
  • Select how each person will be ID Verified, and then Proceed to IDV.
  • After proceeding, use the AML Management screen to show information and carry out CDD actions. This is during the AML In Progress status.
  • Once all IDVs are done, the status will change to AML Pending.
  • Click CDD Complete when all your due diligence is done to move to Complete and now you can provide AML in scope services.