2Shakes lets you capture your client’s consent to act on their behalf with Companies Office when you sign them up. If Companies Office is selected during sign up, when the client has completed e-signing their agreement with you our system sends the Companies Office a request using an API. This request goes into a processing queue in the Companies Office system and once it has been processed you will see your client when you log on to Companies Office.

Setting up 2Shakes with Companies Office

There are a few steps to getting your 2Shakes set up with Companies Office. Once these have been done, getting authority for your clients with Companies Office becomes very efficient to do. The steps are:

  • Have an Organisational Account type with Companies Office
  • Connect 2Shakes to your Organisational Account

Organisational Accounts

You can interact with Companies office using their website.  If you do not have an account with Companies office the you will need to:

  • Create a RealMe Log on
  • Create a Companies Office organisational account

Individual account types will not work

There are two types of Companies office accounts.  Individual accounts and organisational account.  When you are a bookkeeper, accountant or laywer, who runs a business that works on behalf of others, you should use a organisational account. Organisational accounts allow other staff in your organisation to process Company Office transactions for your firms clients.

2Shakes currently only works with organisational account types.  To set up the ability to act on behalf of your client with Companies Office using 2Shakes, an Organisational account is required.

You can find out if you have an individual account by going to https://www.companiesoffice.govt.nz/  and logging on with your RealMe account.  Click on Organisation Settings under Online Services – Do It Now (see below).

If you see an error message “No organisations are available to select.” that means your account is not an organisation account. You have an an individual account type. You will need to set up an organisational account.

Connect 2Shakes to your Organisational Account

  • Sign into 2Shakes and click on Business Profile -> Authorities
  • Under Companies Office Authority fill out your phone number and click “Send code”

3. You will receive a 6 digit code by SMS. Enter the code, your position, check the box and provide a signature (either typing, uploading or on-screen signing). Then click ‘Get Authorised’

4. That will take you to the NZBN authorisation screen and you’ll be asked to log on with your Companies Office RealMe account. Then click ‘Continue to RealMe’

5. After you log on with RealMe you will be taken back to Companies Office to approve 2Shakes access.  Tick the box and click ‘Approve Access’

  1. That will bring you back to 2Shakes. (If you have multiple organisations or account types linked you your RealMe account you need to select one by clicking on the relevant link.)
  2. Then you will be authorised with Companies Office and you’ll see a green tick and expiry date (CO authorisation needs to be refreshed yearly).
On the client sign up screen you will now be able to select Companies Office authority when you are signing up a client.