2Shakes integrations supercharge your
Onboarding and AML Due Diligence

2Shakes integrations with NZ government agencies, Xero PM & Base CRM systems

2Shakes integrates with NZ government departments and is a Xero Connected App that is build in the Microsoft Azure Cloud.  Integrations with other systems streamlines your workflow.  Data can flow securely between systems. It’s simple to set up and easy for you to control using smart API integrations.

  • We use NZBN to auto-populate client information from the Companies Office, avoiding re-typing time and typos.
  • Need Authority to Act? We automate authority capture at IRD, ACC and Companies Office
  •  AML Beneficial Owner search? 2Shakes does it for you, using NZBN and Companies Office data, and shows you a graphic view of company ownership too.
  • Using Xero? Upload your new clients to Xero Practice Manager with a single click.
  • Using another CRM? 2Shakes also integrates with Base, and can export a CSV of data you need for other systems too. 
And if you want us to integrate with another system, get in touch and we can discuss your own requirements.
Inland Revenue

Automatically capture the authority to link in MyIR.  We are in constant contact with IRD to ensure 2Shakes meets IRD guidelines.


Authority is captured and automatically created in ACC to call, correspond and work online on behalf of your clients.  


From auto-populating data to building ownership structures for AML, much of 2Shakes is powered by the New Zealand Business Number.

Xero Connected App
Xero XPM

As a Xero Connected App, you can upload your new client details, Agreements and Manager/Partner info straight into Xero Practice Manger. 

Companies Office

When your client electronically signs an authority, the next time you log in you’ll be able to manage it – easy.

Microsoft Azure

2Shakes runs across multiple world-class Datacentres in Australia on Microsoft’s enterprise-level Azure platform – safe, secure, resilient and always available.

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