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2Shakes is working with the organisation that receive requests for authority to act for others. From Government departments like ACC & MBIE, to private organisations like utilities, banks and insurance companies. The rules, online services and forms, are different for each. Managing authorities is expensive. From building expensive IT solutions, to paying staff to manually process forms – it’s costly to capture and confirm authority.  Our solution offers an alternative that is not only more efficient, its safer too.
Security and Privacy are embedded in our design, which fully complies with Electronic Transactions Act, Anti-Money Laundering/Countering Financing of Terrorism Act, Privacy Act. And we will integrate with your software such as Xero and Excel.

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2Shakes was co-designed with early adopters.  We continue to have a strong customer focus and value the opinions of our Early Adopters.  As an Early Adopter you get to shape the solution we build.

We need MORE early adopters.  If you are interested and can spare 10-15 minutes each fortnight they we want to hear from you.  You will get to be part of a community http://contactusworking to make things better for NZ business. You get to be the first to use our solution and get benefits for you clients and your practice. Interersted? Then contact us.

Prototype Videos

Prototyping together

This video shows the story of how the sign up and authority process works for bookkeepers. A huge thanks NZ Bookkeeping Association, ACC, Companies Office, NZBN,, Kiwibank and Massey Design School (Toi Āria: Design for Public Good) for helping to put these video’s together.


Getting authorities set up safely, reliably and easily, benefits both private organisations and government too.  2Shakes wants to thank the organisations and agencies who are supporting us to complete the first Release of our software.  With our supporters help we released our solution to market in November 2016.  We are continuing to develop it to suit financial advisers and accountants, and meet AML requirements.