Here at 2Shakes we really value your support! We are here to help, and we really appreciate that so many of you support us right back.

That’s why we have created our 2Shakes Referral Program.

Do you know someone that is spending too much time on paperwork, government forms, admin and compliance? Are they spending too much time with AML Due Diligence? Is onboarding customers slowing them down?

Any 2Shakes customer on a paid plan can now help them through our Referral Program, and help yourself at the same time.

Because when you refer someone to 2Shakes, we’ll give you the first $100 they spend with us as a thank you.

How to refer someone to 2Shakes

  1. Visit your My Account page in 2Shakes to get your unique Referral Link.
  2. Copy and send your Referral Link to anyone you want to refer to 2Shakes.
  3. Through this link they can sign up for a 2Shakes account.
  4. $100 will be credited to your 2Shakes account once they have spent $100 on a 2Shakes paid plan.
  5. Thank you, and you’re welcome 👍

Remember to check out your My Account page to get started with your unique Referral Link.  If you are on 10Free your referral link will automatically show as soon as you move to a paid plan.

See below for the Special Terms that apply to our Referral Program and if you have any questions please just email us at

Referral Program Special Terms

Effective from 14th June 2021.
These special terms apply to 2Shakes customers who refer someone through their unique 2Shakes Referral Link and are in addition to our standard Terms of Use.

  1. Those who share the Referral link and those who complete an account sign up through the referral Link automatically accept these special terms.
  2. The $100 referral credit is available to current 2Shakes customers (Referring Customer) with an active account and no overdue amount owing to 2Shakes.
  3. A new 2Shakes customer who has been referred to us (Referred Customer) must complete the 2Shakes Account Application using the unique website link (Referral Link) from the Referring Customer’s My Account page in 2Shakes. A Referred Customer can only be referred once.
  4. The $100 credit will be payable once the Referred Customer has exceeded $100 in fully paid invoicing on a paid plan. Paid plans are Pay Monthly and Pay As You Go.
  5. The $100 credit will be applied to the Referring Customer’s account within 30 days of it becoming payable under clause 4.
  6. From time to time, we may place limits on the number of customers a Referring Customer may refer in a particular period.
  7. Credits to the Referring Customer’s account can only be used to offset invoiceable charges and cannot be transferred or redeemed for cash.
  8. Any account credit on the Referring Customer’s 2Shakes account at account closure will be forfeited.
  9. If a Customer closes their account with us and re-joins within 12 months, they will not be considered a Referred Customer.
  10. We retain the right at our sole discretion to determine whether a Referral is genuine and valid. Any Referral from Referral Links that have been published on a public forum will be deemed invalid. If a Referral is deemed to be invalid, we can cancel the account credit at any time.
  11. We abide by the Unsolicited Electronic Messages Act 2007 and any Customer must not use the Referral Link to engage in spamming activities.
  12. The Referral Link may be distributed by the Referring Customer to their friends or business associates. However, the Referral Link must not be used in paid advertising, in any form, by the Referring Customer.