Action Completed

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2Shakes has changed the way New Zealand businesses take on new customers and meet professional and government compliance needs such as AML/KYC. 2Shakes allows 100% remote onboarding that digitally verifies people and information, so in this post-Covid world businesses can still operate, grow and thrive. 

 We are really well established in NZ, and stoked with all the love we get here. We now want to grow 2Shakes overseas and become the world’s favourite onboarding and compliance platform!

 We are currently putting together an investment opportunity to expand 2Shakes to Australia, where recent government changes have made conditions there ideal for us, and have led to Australian businesses contacting us to use 2Shakes!  Because you have supported us, we want to give you an opportunity to get in first on the next stage in our journey. 

 Are you interested in finding out more about our plans, and how you can be part of our growth as we work towards listing 2Shakes on the NZ stock market and expanding overseas?

 At this stage we would really like to gauge your level of interest.  We need to stress this is not an offer – it’s an expression of interest, which will help us put an offer together.  If you are interested please fill out the form below and let us know, thanks!

Please remember:  Investment decisions are very important, and they often have long-term consequences!  Read all documents and information carefully.  Ask questions.  And seek independent advice before making an investment.