2Shakes allows you to give an AML Compliance officer additional privileges. In 2Shakes only the AML officer can perform the final approval of the AML CDD and upload or delete AML programme documentation. In NZ, if you are caught by AML/CFT then as a reporting entity you must appoint an AML/CFT compliance officer.

AML Officer - Privileges

Only users who are AML officers can approve the completion of CDD or change AML programme documentation.  

All Users

AML Officer Only

Set a User as an AML Officer

2Shakes administrator can create new users and specify if they are an AML officer. 

Use the Business profile > Users link from the top navigation bar to go to the Profile – User page.  Select the AML officer tick box and save the changes.   

You can decide to have more than one AML officer on this screen.  

AML Compliance Officer

AML Officer - CDD approval

Only users who are AML officers can approve the completion of CDD in 2Shakes.  This allows you to ensure that someone with appropriate authority has reviewed the Customer Due Diligence (CDD) and has approved it as sufficient.

All users can begin CDD, can capture AML related information, can complete ID verification and can upload evidence documents. When all ID verification is completed, 2Shakes will change the status on the Dasbhoard to (AML) Pending. 

Users who are AML officers will see a Complete CDD button against the client. By selecting the Complete CDD button, the AML compliance officer must review the CDD and then select Complete CDD.

When the AML officer has selected the Complete CDD button for all individuals, 2Shakes will change the status on the Dashboard to Complete. 

AML Officer - Change AML documentation

An AML officer can change the AML programme documents using AML > AML Documents from the top navigation bar.  

Both 2Shakes Administrators and AML Officers can Add, Edit and Delete AML Documents. Users who are neither an Admin nor an AML Officer can view the documents only. 

If you require further help on this topic, please email support@2Shakes.co.nz.