Connecting 2Shakes to Xero Practice Manager (XPM) lets you streamline your onboarding workflow. It takes the data you and your clients have entered in 2Shakes and flows it securely through into XPM.  It’s simple to set up and easy for you to control using our smart API integration.

Our Xero Practice Manager integration allows you to effortlessly:

  • Create new Client records in XPM
  • Create Contacts records in XPM
  • Upload signed engagement agreements into XPM
  • Assign clients to a Partner or Manager in XPM (*new)
  • Group the client entities into an existing XPM group (*new)
  • Create a new XPM group to assign client entities to (*new)

First – Set up the integration connection between 2Shakes and XPM.
Then – After each sign up or AML use you can upload to XPM with the click of a button.

First – Set up the integration

In 2Shakes select Authorities from the dropdown menu under Business Profile in the top navigation bar.  Scroll down to the Xero Practice Manager & Workflow Max section and select Get authorised.

You will then be redirected to Xero to enter your username and password. You then need to click on Allow access to set up the integration connection.

You will then be returned to 2Shakes. 

Then- Upload Client to Xero Practice Manager

After you have set up the authorisation for XPM you will be able to click on the Upload to Practice Manager button on the client management screen.  Selecting this button lets you specify if the XPM upload will assign the client to staff or groups.

The XPM upload screen asks you to select a staff member as partner or as a manager. You can also add the client entities to an existing group in XPM or create a new group in XPM for the client entities to be assigned to. The integration will pull through any staff or groups you have already set up in XPM for you to select. Or you can decide to create a new group here.  If you do not want to assign staff or groups, that is fine. Just leave the defaults (staff at None and Groups at No Groups). When you click Upload to XPM, the client records will be created in XPM.

After the upload, the message ‘Successfully uploaded to XPM’ will display and the management screen will show the message Successfully loaded to XPM.

That’s it!

Your new client record will now have been created in XPM along with contacts. If a signed agreement was created in 2Shakes this PDF will automatically be uploaded as a document in XPM against the new client.  The client will be assigned any Partners, a Managers or Groups you selected.   

Opening the Client Details section at the bottom of the Management screen will provide a link to Open the client, taking you to the record in XPM.


Upload button not available.

Once authorised, the Upload to Practice Manager button appears for AML only or for sign up agreements in the status of signed.  For sign up agreements in the status of draft or pending the Practice Manager button will not show yet, as the client is not yet a customer.

Duplicate IR numbers

To prevent duplicates client records being created, the XPM upload will not create a client record when there is already a client in XPM with the same IR number.

Account Data error

If you get an Account Data error “You don’t have access to connect any Xero Practice Manager accounts”, then you do not have the API setting in XPM.

You can ask a colleague with the setting to try, or carry out the following steps in XPM:

  • Go to Business>Settings
  • Click Staff
  • Click on your user name
  • Scroll down to the API Access Privileges, and select Authorise 3rd Party Full Access
  • Save the change
XPM Integration - Troubleshooting API Access

After doing this you should be able to go back into 2Shakes and authorise the API.

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