Biometric Identity Verification in Training

You can now try out the Biometric + Electronic ID Verification method in the 2Shakes Training environment.  We show you below what it looks like for your client.

When your client clicks the verification link in their email and confirms their phone number they will reach a success page that looks like this:

At the same time they will be sent an SMS text containing a link to complete their Biometric Identity Verification on their mobile phone.

When they click the SMS text link on their phone, they will be taken through a simple verification process.

Check out the video to the right to see how that process works for your client.

Then you can go back to your 2Shakes Training client, open their IDV Report, and the dummy Biometric Identity Verification will be waiting for you to review and accept.

Thanks for watching how 2Shakes Biometric IDV looks to your clients, thanks.