If a document changes it creates a new version. If there is more than one version, the last approved (signed) document is (normally) the version that legally applies. When documents are viewed and undergo changes it is important to control versions to ensure the most up to date version can be identified. 2Shakes supports version control by:

  • Status control: 2Shakes assigns and tracks the status of a document to control what changes can be made
  • Cloud technology: 2Shakes uses technology in the cloud to enable you to record, store and provide proof through:
  • Audit Logs: to record data for things such as electronic signatures, IP addresses etc.
  • Online Storage: So you can review or download anywhere, anytime
  • Renewals: 2Shakes helps to manage your renewal workflow so you can change or update agreements when it is needed.

Status Control

2Shakes assigns a status to every Client. You can view the status of a Client at any time using the Dashboard Screen.

Dashboard Screen

The Dashboard screen allows you to filter, search and drill down into your client records. The Dashboard screen allows you to filter your searches using part of the clients name, a date range or status.


2Shakes uses the following status types.

  • Draft – A record that has been started but not been sent to a client for them to enter their details. Draft records can be altered as required. They can be deleted using the rubbish bin icon in the dashboard screen.
  • Signing in Progress – The agreement is awaiting signing by the client. If you are waiting for a client to sign an agreement, please note that this signing link sent in the email expires. After two weeks you will need to go into the Client Management page and resend another signing email. Once an agreement has a status of signing in progress it cannot be changed. If you need to make changes to an agreement you need to Revert it to draft. This will require it to be signed again by every party.
  • Processing – The agreement has been signed. The agreement documents and other authorities are being created and sent out. Signed agreements may take several minutes to complete processing.
  • Complete – The agreement has been signed and emailed to your client. Any authority requests have been submitted. The agreement can not be changed as it has now been completed and is binding. If you need to change the terms on the agreement you will need to create a new agreement that supersedes it, by Renewing the Agreement.


If you renew or change an agreement there will be multiple versions of the agreement. Search by the client name to show all the records. Use the date filter to see which is the most up to date version.

Outstanding or requiring action: Use the Status tick boxes to select the types of Agreement you want to search for.

Agreement Details: By clicking on a client name you can drill further into an agreement. This can show you more details on the agreement and allow you to upload it to Xero Practice Manager or download the details to a CSV.

Audit Logs

2Shakes creates a log of all actions taken by users on our system. This log can be used to provide technical support to users and to ensure our systems are in a healthy state of operation.

2Shakes complies with the Contract and Commercial Law Act 2017 (CCLA) – which replaced the Electronic Transactions Act (ETA) – for the use of electronic signatures, as well as being accepted by New Zealand Government departments including Inland Revenue (IRD), Accident Compensation Corporation (ACC) and Companies Office.

2Shakes retains a log file that identifies the sender each time an electronic signature is provided. Where allowed legally (in compliance with our terms of Privacy) 2Shakes can provide details of our log and audit files.

Online Documents

2Shakes creates a PDF of the agreement documents and authority letter or forms you create with your clients. You can access copies of these documents from the Dashboard screen. By selecting the clients name from the Dashboard screen you are taken to the Client’s Details screen. You can click on links to any forms and letters to view or download them.


You can use the sort and filter functions to identify agreements that are ready to be Renewed.

  1. Select Complete agreements: Use the tick boxes on the Dashboard screen to only select those with a status of Complete (deselecting all other status tick boxes).
  2. Select the start and end date: Filter the agreements to only see the agreement that are due for renewal: For example you might select a date range that shows agreements that were completed over a year ago.
  3. Review and renew each agreement: To renew an agreement click on the client name to view the Agreement Details Screen. Scroll to the bottom of this screen and then select the Renew Agreement button.
  4. Create a (re)new version: A new draft version of the agreement will be created. You will be taken to the first sign up screen so that you can work though the screens and change details where required. Then you can send your renewed agreement out for signing.