Biometric IDV -

Biometric ID Verification

Electronically verify your clients’ identity with a new level of confidence by using 2Shakes’ Biometric ID verification

Biometric ID verification adds another layer of certainty to the existing electronic ID verification method, be confident that you are working with the person they say they are. In addition to the Smart ID check of the person’s details, biometric verification captures and assesses the ID document image against the person’s face in real time.

Biometric IDV Process

Biometric ID verification

When you choose the Biometric + Electronic Verification method in 2Shakes, your client will receive a 2Shakes email link  where they will be prompted to enter their mobile number. A mobile number is required as biometric verification needs to be completed on a mobile with a front facing camera. Once the client has confirmed their number online, a new link is sent to your client via SMS.

In 2Shakes, the client’s IDV status will change to Biometric SMS sent  until the client completes the biometric process. The biometric add-on is charged when the SMS is sent. If need be, you can update the client’s mobile number from the client management page. Please be aware that changing the client’s number at this stage will incur another biometric addon fee. You can also choose to revert to Manual ID and complete ID verification manually.

Once the client has received the biometric SMS, the process is as follows:

  • The client takes a picture of their ID. If using a driver license, a front and back picture of the license is required.
  •  The client confirms their details and enters address for electronic verification
  • Using their phone’s front camera, the client will be asked to give a big smile and turn their head to the side

Reviewing Biometric Results

Once your client has completed biometric IDV from their phone, 2Shakes prompts users to review the biometric results before completing ID verification. The IDV report shows you the biometric IDV results so you can confirm and accept (or decline and follow up) the results.

    • If you are happy you can accept the result to complete ID verification.
    • If you are not happy you can decline the result.  The IDV method will revert to Manual IDV. Then you can take any additional measures you need to verify ID and complete ID verification manually.
    • If the identity document or address data do not electronically verify or if a PEP flag has been raised, the IDV method will automatically revert to manual ID so that you are prompted to take additional measures to complete ID verification manually.


Once client ID verification has been completed:

    • AML Only clients will progress to AML Pending
    • Sign Up clients will progress to Complete
    • Sign Up & AML clients will progress to Signed – AML Pending

Understanding the Biometric IDV Report

The top of the IDV report displays a summary of each part of the electronic verification. For more information on  the electronic ID verification and PEP Check sections of the report, see the support page for electronic IDV report. It is recommended that you always review the IDV report and the client entered data.

The biometric section of the report includes the thumbnails of the ID document as well as the image of the client taken in real time. Click on the image to enlarge. The following criteria is applied to biometric ID verification:

Biometric IDV Report

Biometric Summary

    • Overall
      The overall result of the OCR check. This will be marked with a cross if any of “Liveness”, “Documents” or “Facematch” do not pass validation.
    • Liveness
      Whether the document is suspected to be tampered with/fraudulent.
    • Facematch
      If the face on the document matches the face of the person presenting themselves

Documents Check
As well as details being electronically verified using Centrix SmartID, the ID document your client uses for biometric verification is also assessed against the following criteria

    • Document integrity
      Whether the document is damaged or not intact.
    • Image composition
      Whether the document is not live and present. i.e. the user has captured from a screen or a photocopy for example.
    • Photo check
      Whether the image of the user’s face on the document is not as per expectation or is displaying suspiciously on the ID for example if the face has been overlaid or changed.
    • Detail Check
      Whether the document does not match the alignments, colour, symbols or other details of the expected template.

Facematch Check
The facematch check compares the live image of your client to the image on their ID document. Each of the facematch checks are evaluated and as either:

The user has completed the challenges of the liveness process and is not exhibiting a presentation attack. The colour is green.

The user has not completed the challenges of the liveness process and/or is suspected to be performing a presentation attack. (eg. Wearing a mask, filming off a screen).

It is important to review the biometric report in order to rule out any false positive or false negative results. Busy backgrounds and poor lighting in the client’s image may impact on the results of the biometric ID. We recommend that individuals completing biometric IDV do so in a well lit location with a plain background. Using biometric ID verification, the chance of person matching on facial likeness with another person is 1 in 50,000. While we always recommend examining the client data, the human eye is more capable of distinguishing differences between the real-life photo and ID.
Consider consulting your Compliance Officer if you decide to accept a check where something has not verified, you may need to take additional steps to complete ID verification. We recommend recording any decisions or judgment calls made in the client’s Notes & Files.


If you have any questions or experience any trouble with the biometric ID verification, please get in touch with us at

Client hasn’t received SMS message
You easily check if a Biometric SMS has been sent by reviewing the individual’s IDV status on the Client Management page.
Pendingthe individual has not yet confirmed their mobile number online, no SMS has been sent.
Biometric SMS sentmake sure the correct mobile number has been entered, you may need to confirm this with your client. Change the mobile number from the Client Management page to send a new SMS. Please be aware sending a new biometric SMS will incur another biometric addon fee.

Client experiences Session Expired page
The client has already completed the biometric session, review the IDV status in 2Shakes for more biometric results

Client cannot proceed past confirming ID details
Biometric verification can only work with an in-date NZ driver license or passport.  If ID has expired, ID verification will need to be completed manually

Passport is not an available option for my client
Passports will become an electronic verification option for your clients once your application has been approved. Get in touch to find out more