2Shakes integrates identity verification API into your Onboarding and AML process

World-leading Biometric and Electronic ID verification is easy for clients, and gives you peace of mind

Biometric and Electronic Identity Verification API

Liveness & Document checks
Biometric Facial matching
Driver License & Passport verified
Address verified
PEP & Sanctions checks

If you use the Biometric + Electronic IDV option in 2Shakes you don’t need to do any other additional measures. The 2Shakes Biometric + Electronic IDV option is very similar or the same as Example 2 in the DIA’s updated Explanatory Note, and satisfies the additional measures required.

Identity Verification Options

In 2Shakes you can choose to verify the identity of your customers:

  • BIOMETERIC + ELECTRONIC: Biometric Identity verification API adds another layer of certainty to the existing electronic ID verification method by capturing and assessing the ID document image against the person’s face in real time.
  • ELECTRONIC: Either yourself or you client can enter ID details. 2Shakes will match the identity information against trusted external data sources and provide you with an electronic report.
  • MANUAL: Where you sight original Identity documents, or you get a trusted referee to certify that they have sighted the original on your behalf. You can make a note of how you did the identity verification and upload files or scans.

Advice on how to interpret an Electronic Identity Report and Biometric Identity Report.

Check out our IDV Pricing for more information on 2Shakes IDV API system.

Biometric + Electronic ID Video

See how to do Biometric Identity Verification API in 2Shakes.

2Shakes uses OCRLabs proprietary biometric identity verification API system. This world class system is one of the few in the world to have IBeta’s Presentation Attack Detection level 1 & 2 accreditation.  With a perfect score in both level 1 & 2 iBeta anti-spoofing certified testing.

identity verification
identity verification

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