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Ongoing Customer Due Diligence (OCDD)

2Shakes Webinar on how to do Ongoing CDD in 2Shakes, hosted on 1st February 2022Find out:
  • What is OCDD and why do it?
  • What triggers Ongoing CDD?
  • ID Verification guidance changes, and Biometrics
  • Changes to Beneficial Owners
  • Steps for Ongoing CDD in 2Shakes for AML Only
  • Steps for Ongoing CDD in 2Shakes for Renewals and AML

Read our OCDD online support page to more information. 

Do you have Trust issues?

2Shakes Webinar on Trusts:

Webinar on how to do AML on Trusts in 2Shakes, hosted on 13th May 2021Find out:

  • What is a Trust and why have one?
  • Trust types and what Enhanced CDD, SoW and PoF means
  • Roles within a Trust and Trust types
  • What to do when you have to IDV someone you haven’t met?
  • Steps for AML CDD on a Trust

Read our Trust support page or our ‘Do you have trust issues Trust Blog series to find more information. 

How to do Biometric IDV

Biometric ID Verification Webinar:

Our Dec 2020 webinar on how to use Biometric IDV in 2Shakes. Find out:

  • Why Biometric IDV is useful
  • When to choose Biometric IDV
  • Step-by-step completion of a Biometric IDV
  • How to review and accept the results

You can watch a quick video of Biometric IDV in action here.  

Political Exposed Person (PEP) Checks

Politically Exposed Person (PEP) Webinar:

Our Oct 2020 webinar on how to get compliant with PEP checks. Find out:

  • Why PEP checks are necssary
  • When PEP should be done
  • Step-by-step completion of a PEP check
  • What the report tells you
  • What to do if the check isn’t OK

Read the PEP online support page to find more information.

Annual Report Webinar

  1. Part 1: Period, Contact, Structure – How to use the 2Shakes AML Statistics Report From and To dates
  • Part 2: DBG, Risk Assessment, AML Programme – How to use the AML documentation screen
  • Part 3: Products & Services, Supplementary Activities & Questions, Customers
    • How to use the AML statistics report to find the numbers of New Customers, NZ & Non NZ resident Customers, Trusts & PEPs, Methods of CDD
  • Part 4: Sector Specific Questions
  • Part 5: Ministerial Exemptions
  • Part 6: Declaration and Signing

Read the Audit, Reporting & Statistics online support page to find more information.

2Shakes Webinars on Getting Started

Webinar 1: Demonstration of 2Shakes' client onboarding software

  • Profile Setup
  • Client Signup
  • Client Authorities
  • AML Customer Due Diligence
  • Electronic Signing

Webinar 2: Information on signing up a Trust:

  • Profile Setup
  • Client Signup including a Trust
  • Client Authorities
  • AML Customer Due Diligence
  • Electronic Signing

Webinar 3: Covering different entity types:

  • Sole Trader
  • Signing on behalf of someone else (Power of Attorney, Deceased estate, Child)
  • Complex company structure
  • Adding additional Beneficial Owners

AML Quick Videos

Already using 2Shakes? These quick video snippets just show you how the AML extensions to our software work.

AML 1: Entering people for ID verification.

AML 2: AML/CFT Records.

AML 3: How to do electronic ID Verification.


Couldn’t make one of our 2Shakes talks? You can see a recording of our past presentations here.

Accountants and Tax Agents NZ (ATAINZ): 2Shakes presenting to ATAINZ in Palmerston North to explain how AML/CFT will impact them with a focus on what they need to do to complete AML Customer Due Diligence. 

Bookkeepcon18: DIA & 2Shakes co-present on Anti-Money Laundering (AML) legislation at the 2018 Bookkeepers Conference 2018.

Ata from 2Shakes is on from 20m30s.

The Pitch: Our first pitch to get 2Shakes off the ground.  Carried out at the Embassy, Wellington, 2 June 2016, in front of 250 people from across government and business, including ministers and agency CEOs.